619920d0fd54314b2cb17234ad6e8fd2This bag………16 years of going back and forth…….back and forth……..July for me….. November for her

IMG_2970Every year a FANTASTIC treat of LOVE from my very good friend Asunta…….

Its tattered…Its torn & taped…but MOST of ALL…its LOVED

THIS year was NO LESS.….Inspiring………..

THIS boy turned 21 with a party at the coolest bar in SF ( Thank you Jordan)…….

IMG_2959THIS Mama took herself here……A new favorite place




Long week……Sums up my week……..





5492852bfd148f7dd425bbda7420a3cbDonna Summer may have sung the song, but I feel like I LIVED the song

Hard couple of weeks……Dealing with VERY sick patients who pulled…… tugged……. YANKED at my heart…….

One young man was so sick we had to institute the “Massive Transfusion Protocol”which meant pushing blood so fast to save his life…….

Coolers filled with blood products 


THAT patient WALKED out of the PICU a week later

My greatest gift that night besides “working hard for the $$$$” was allowing the parents 2.5 hours of uninterrupted sleep in the room while their son was in surgery to find the bleeding.

I felt so much gratitude from his family for the gift of sleep…..”works hard for the $$$$$ pays off!!!”

My next pt was an 11-year-old  girl who was very sick, but stable enough to remind me of my OWN 12-year-old son…..she baked like him…….she was kind like him….

I cried in my car on the way home……


The morning after I worked with her she asked me “Who will be my day nurse?”

I told her someone very nice as she was such a nice patient.

She said “Well  THAT is YOU right?”

Be still my “knows too much PICU nurse heart…..”

One week later, she is now on the liver transplant list fighting hard for her life……

The parking garage heard many tears in the last 2 weeks……..BUT

PICU nurses also KNOW how to have FUN...

IMG_2475Enter our Holiday Party.. ……Great Gatsby style………I MAY have worn THESE…….

IMG_2434With THIS my new favorite BLACK dress….

mePhoto credit Andrew Lobre who takes pics so fast I didn’t even smile……. LOVE HIM :)


IMG_2352THESE 3 ROCK MY  world!!

They rule my HEART

2013 was a challenge, BUT 2014 is OUR year filled with EXPERIENCES


those GREAT Mother -Son talks they so LOVE……

We went to the Lands Ends spot the day after Christmas and shared and walked and shared…LOVE

IMG_2342 IMG_2345

MY HEART is so FULL of LOVE for my boys!!

They are my NUMBER 1 Priority ALWAYS and THEY know it!!!!!


I saw this quote defining GRACE and it SPOKE to me….

“Give, and it will be given to you.

A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap.

For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” Luke 6:38

I saw this performance and it gave me strength.

It also happens to be written by Sara Bareilles one of my most favorite singer/songwriters.


Holiday post coming soon…….

Taking time to reflect……

How night shift nurses give thanks at 3:20 am (thank you Yuliya for your talent)

IMG_2206How 3 boys celebrate the day at the beach…..XOXOXOXO
IMG_2193 BEST make ahead casserole EVER

( http://www.joyshope.com/2009/11/old-skool-week-make-ahead-brunch-bake.html)

with BACON no less…..IMG_2190 IMG_2115 I am MOST Grateful for my Strength and Growth EVERYday and the LOVE and SUPPORT of some very Special friends old and new……. AND MY 3 BOYS
228205906088220723_mpszgeho_bTHANK YOU

My week …STARTED with a field trip…….HI Ry….

15,000 pounds of pears sorted,

1,350 lbs of rice bagged in 1 lb bagsIMG_2062IMG_2087IMG_2074

Came home to THIS little beauty……..new boots for my new look……


AND HOMEmade Soup…..IMG_2109

Best way to END a 12 hour shift with a GOOD friend……


Spent Saturday with THIS boy at his LAST football game……..no injuries thank you :)nic

Discovered new music with the boy above who shares some of his favorite sounds…THIS one is my FAVORITE this week (thanks Nic)



I know it’s the WRONG year…but I did it intentionally.

Last November 9th was a very important day in my life.

First of all, it was the BIRTHday of one of my VERY close friends and Second of all, it was a day of ReBIRTH for me.

I filed papers that day to end my almost 23 year marriage. One year later, I have NOT one regret. I learned firsthand a life lesson in honesty.

For the privacy of my 3 fabulous boys, I will not go into the details of this decision but to say it was the ONLY choice I had given the circumstances.

The boys support and love me unconditionally and we are EVERYDAY growing closer in our new family life…

IT is VERY TRUE when they say that boys are PROTECTIVE of their mother.

I see it, feel it and love it firsthand…….SO Blessed …….

THANK YOU boys for holding my hand…….


Now back to my friend……..She’s a Hot Tamale to my Junior Mint…….she has a laugh that is contagious and makes me laugh all the more……:)

She held my hand and let me cry last week when I couldn’t decide which piece of furniture to take from my now SOLD house.

She was covered in sweat as she ran over to my house to support my “moment”…… I DID give her a paper towel……:)

She is the ear I confide in, the heart that loves me when I have a good or bad day and shows me EVERYDAY what TRUE friendship looks like.

I have called in many favors, but we are now like sistas and our bond gives us BOTH strength….

She ALSO cares for my boys as they were her own. Whats not to APPRECIATE?

THANK YOU for being my FRIEND……

I appreciate YOU Norma and LOVE you with ALL my heart and soul.


NOW for the MARGARITA MOMENT this weekend to CELEBRATE OUR BIRTHdays!!!!


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