Life lessons. They can come to you in many forms. For me, the life lesson this week comes from a small teddy bear hamster named Ruby. Ruby is my furry daughter, yes a rodent. but the sweetest rodent ever. Ruby has been with us for almost two years. Last week Ruby got sick. She starting breathing fast (tachypneic in nursing terms). I did my best assessment and watched her close. I know hamsters have a life expectancy of about two years, so I was worried. Ruby looked very bad one night and I checked on her every hour.I work nights so am used to being up at night. I thought it was the end. I went to bed and as I laid there I heard the sound of a hamster wheel in motion.Could it be? I thought she had nothing left to give. I ran down to her room and yes, there she was on the wheel all bright eyed!!!!I took her to the vet the next day and for the last week she has been on antibiotics and fighting. She sleeps more than usual during the day, but at NIGHT, she become the nocturnal rodent she is meant to be.

I take it one day at a time with her, but so appreciate the extra time. Ruby has taught me to not give up , even when it looks dismal. She is a true fighter and for that I am so proud. You GO GIRL!!!