The spa is the ultimate THANK YOU!!! It gives you the time to appreciate all the hard work you do and in the solitude of steam, give thanks. I am blessed to have discovered spas and blessed to have great friends who like to hang out at them with me. Or I go alone. THAT is the ultimate gift to myself. While I enjoy going with me friends (as I did yesterday, thanks KB), I think of the spa as a church of sorts when I need the time to reflect on my life, where I am headed, what I am doing with it. I am not afraid to be just with myself and always come away with a clearer perspective on my life.

My 3 boys love when I go to the spa because they say I always come home in a great mood. So I go and come home with a new lease on life and maybe a chocolate treat for the boys in my  life who love a treat. I am truly blessed.