I was in the company of STARS this past weekend. No, not the ones that fall from the sky or the ones who wear the gowns and take home Oscars. I mean RN STARS!!!!! I spent time in the company of 88 critical care nurses at a Summit to learn how to promote our hard work. It was one of the most awe- inspiring weekends for me personally. I met past Presidents of the American Association of Critical Care Nurses, who I , as an aspiring nurse leader would read the columns they wrote and follow their theme for the year.  ”Engage and Transform” ” Powered by Insight”

Words they wrote resonated in my thoughts as I cared for critically ill children and their families. They have guided my nursing professional growth and I got to see them in action!!! They still live and breathe the words they wrote years ago and left me seeing STARS!!!

I celebrate the people I met, the impression they left on me and the words and actions they used to motivate me to continue to promote the excellent work nurses do everyday.

THANK YOU is the best acceptance speech I can give to you. BEST!!!!

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