Last October, my oldest son was seriously injured in a bike accident. It was a day that changed me from the mama who was grateful for the health of her 3 sons to the mama who would do anything to make the hurt go away.

It started like any other Sunday. My son was registered to ride in a 40 mile bike ride for school. I was worried from the word 40 miles and bike. I should have trusted those instincts. All nurses know those instincts rule our practice. As he left, I secured his emergency information to the bike frame and told him in my best motherly voice. “Be careful”

Fast forward 6 months and here he is all 6″5″ of him well healed, but the memories were strong yesterday as we scheduled his next surgery to remove the 2 pins and wire that hold his elbow together.The surgeon who had insisted the pins would need to come out in the OR said ” Maybe we can take the pins out in my office as an outpatient procedure”

All of a sudden, my outside voice came out and I said “You will take the pins out the way you put them in”. Silence and then a “yes, ma’am” from the surgeon (who is a doll by the way and oh, easy on the eyes..sorry Mark).

Anyway, there you have it. Protective Mama speaks her mind!!!! This interaction stays with me as I see Mothers Day this and that items and think to myself….

I have my days as a GREAT Mom..I have my days as a so- so Mom, but every day, I am a protective Mom and Β I know the boys cherish that side of me. (well maybe not my teenage son yesterday, who just nodded when the surgeon said “Yes ma’am:))

Happy early Mothers Day!!!!!