Mothers Day Heart from Ryan .Note the Dyson in the middle and an assortment of junk food and Olay to keep me young and a wine bottle to keep me sane. "My favorite things" he said

I had a rough week.Dealing with a very sad patient at work and feeling spent. All this lead to a mental health day for me. Called in, felt better and planned my R&R. In the last 2 weeks, my 2 youngest boys have for one reason or another thrown up. What this has to do with anything, please keep reading.

My 12 year old went to the SF GIants game and proceeded to eat a WHOLE basket of garlic fries (extra garlic ,no less) and washed them down with a sugary lemonade. The next morning, when he was supposed to join me on a 7 mile March of Dimes walk, he was hanging over the toilet, with the strong odor of garlic in the air.Poor boy you say? Foolish and I had to walk the dog he was supposed to walk that day.

A few days later, my 8 year old, same thing, said his tummy hurt and prayed to the porcelain Gods all morning. Wow, can’t remember the last time these 2 got sick. My 8 year old at least made it to his baseball game, pale, but upright.

Fast forward to mental health night 101. There I was, all set with a stack of magazines, looking forward to a night of rest when, you guessed it, son #3 retching all night. “Where is the mental health in that ?””I thought as I joined him on the bathroom floor, wash cloth in hand being the nurse I was meant to be, but with NO pay and no night shift differential!!!

These moments led me to reflect on what it means to be a mother and the ups and downs of the role. I see Mothers Day as too commercial and would rather be home in my jammies with a mimosa in one hand and the Sunday paper in the other. A nice handwritten card or even a text from the boys is much appreciated.Which leads to…..

Last week. my oldest asked me to proofread an essay. He said it was about a “moment” that changed him. I asked him what he wrote about and he said Jesus. He does go to a Catholic school I thought, but not his usual topic. He called me at work and said he sent the essay for my edits. I opened my email and yes, the tears flowed. He wrote the essay about a “moment “with me. It was a time when I picked him up from school and had the hard job of telling him his Nana was just diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. As we both bawled in the car. I turned the radio on. The song, My Immortal by Evanscence came on and we bawled some more. Somehow, we made it to pick up his brothers from school and I told him to be strong for them. He remembered that “moment” on paper like it was yesterday. Me , I remember turning the radio on.

It’s like that with kids, they remember the good, the bad, the in the middle moments.