Seriously! I got an email that one of my favorite beauty stores was looking for members to be on a focus group and be paid $100. All you had to do was to call the next day between 8am and 7pm and mention a certain representatives name and the company’s name. I started off early… 8am yes sir, the “sleeping in queen” dialed from under the covers of her bed and got… what? leave a message? ok, try again.  Next attempt, leave a message again. This went on for the next few hours and determined as I was, it was getting old.

I finally tried one last time and got a person on the other end. She answered with her name and  YES, it was the golden ticket name and as I said I am calling for, she said “Don’t waste your breath, I know what you are calling about” REALLY?

Said representative then went on to tell me she had 462 messages on her machine and what did the company do email everyone? “How old are you” she barked. “46” I replied, “Ok, she said, ” you are in, all you have to do is answer a few questions”. She asked about focus groups from the past and as she asked, I could hear the alveoli in her lungs struggle to remain open.Yes, she was a smoker and I, a nurse doing a respiratory assessment. I then told her I was quite chatty and would fit in fine. She then said, I kid you not… “Well, I think you are a bitch” Yes, you read that right, customer service to die for. REALLY?

I was appalled at the comment, but really wanted to get in this survey, so went along with the title. I would be a queen bitch to get the $100.

She then, in her labored breathing, said “Oh no, you are out…. out, I said”. What? “Let me read you the exceptions to the focus group she stated, “doctors, pharmacists, nurses” yes nurses, even brave ones who work in pediatric intensive care units. “Oh really, don’t they mean just the nurses who practice in spas like laser hair removal ? etc,” I asked.”No, it means all nurses”, heavy breathed back the real queen of niceness.

There you have it ….a day in the life. I told this story to my 16-year-old and laughed so hard, I was crying. It was an experience to say the least, but don’t you know, I signed up to be considered for other focus groups with this company.

Now all I can hope is that I get the same representative. That would make my day…REALLY!