There is hope for those who value their sleep 🙂

I LOVE my life. Don’t get me wrong, but there are some moments in my life that rank higher than others.

I work at night. Just writing that should explain my love for sleeping in, quiet in the morning and in general the comfort of my bed.

BUT, when you live in a house with 3 boys and  3 cats, excuse my slang…..that “just ain’t happening sometimes”.

Let’s take the other day for example. Spirit Week at school, searching for the color assigned for the day, loud voices, louder meows and my pillow over my head not quite cutting it today.

The morning routine in my house is multiple wake up calls, the smell of bagels and Captain Crunch, clanging of orange juice cups and fighting over who gets to read the comics first. One son smacks the other and then the voices raise, the doors slam and I am out of sleeping luck. Some days, I am reminded of that Bill Cosby skit where he talks about his kids and the”He’s touching me” routine. I live that on a daily basis.

I then have to wander downstairs, bed head in tow and give them my “You woke me up for what?” look. They don’t like this look and it can usually get them moving in the right direction, but it depends on who did what that particular morning.

Then with teeth brushed, shoes tied, lunches packed, OFF they go….

THEN it is MY favorite TIME of the day. You can hear the house smile and my heart flutter. Just me and 3 cats,who got the sleeping thing down. We, quietly, as not to disturb the happy house, make our way back to bed.

Next stop…..slumber and then for my first cup of coffee which deserves a post of its own!!!