I LOVE being a nurse. It has been the BEST career I could ever have imagined. I get to work with a fabulous TEAM of talented individuals and care for critically ill children who need my expertise. The only drawback is when my own children get sick. Then, I want to go back and be the preschool teacher I started out to be.

It is a case of knowing too much.

My 3 boys cannot just have a cold, it has to be pneumonia or some other disease because that is what I know, I do not know normal sometimes.
Take for example my last week drama. My 16-year-old had an athlete screening done and it included an EKG. He left the house at 8 and at 9 am I received a text from him that said “They found something wrong with my heart”

I was still in bed when I got that text because I was scheduled to work that night. I jumped ( literally) out of bed and all the blood rushed to my feet and ran downstairs. Unable to even speak, I showed the text to my husband. A flurry of thoughts came to me as I texted back “WHAT??????”
He, in his calm manner, texted no worries they are going to do an echo.

Great , I thought now we need a cardiac surgeon. I was beside myself with worry.
He texted me some crazy diagnosis and told me the echo was normal and he was done.
I told him I was on my way. Who do I speak with, where do I go, who is in charge?

He vetoed all and said Β “Please send Dad.”
That day began a series of follow-up appointments that in the end turned out to be nothing. Zip…..normal EKG misread by an adult cardiologist.

All cleared except me, who probably could have used an EKG myself.

The point to this post is how in awe I am of the parents who do care for their sick children and do it with grace. For 23 years, I have been with them as a nurse, but they live the day-to-day and for that I am amazed. I had a weeklong drama that took me to places I never wanted to visit (in my head) of course.

I learned and appreciated the health of my boys more than ever!

I salute the families I work with and am so honored to meet you and be part of your journey.