It has been a grateful week. Life is coming full circle in a lot of areas here. My oldest son is now well healed from his pin and wire removal two weeks ago in his elbow and our new “baby” Ozzy “C.S.I.” black lab is keeping us busy.

We are all on the “DOG DIET”…chuck it….nap…and then do it all again.

We are VERY grateful for Ozzy.

He will have his own blog soon, so look for his first post at

I found out this week my blog has been nominated for a Social Luxe award.

How that came to be was a surprise, but a very welcome surprise.

It is my goal this year to learn more about blogging..the process, the sponsors etc, so I am attending a Bloggy Boot Camp in August. I am really looking forward to it and meeting all the great bloggers I am “friends” with.

Rock on.

Although I have no chance of winning in my category Most Inspiring Blog, please feel free to give me a vote or two and check out some of the other fantastic blogs in the different categories.

You can check it out here

Thank you from my very grateful <3. (that’s heart in text speak πŸ™‚ ) Β  Β  Β Β Heart With Stars