I realized after I did my last post that Wake UP did not really describe my mood. I had just completed 3 night shifts in a row..yes, 12 hours each with one in the middle that kicked my butt (nursing talk for a really busy night). It was a 4th of July to always remember!

I was spent, but made it back for my 3rd to prove to my  16 year old that I could do it..no prize, just the satisfaction of the smirk on my face.

It took me a few days after the butt kicking to get my feet back on the ground and coffee ruled my days and wine ruled my nights.

The other thing that helped me was the kind ear of friends, family and most of all my husband. Mark and my tuxedo cat Miss Honey win the award this week of great listeners. When Mark fell asleep, Miss Honey took his spot and in her way made me realize I was going to get out of my funk.

Caring for critically ill children is complex, challenging, frustrating and the most rewarding career I could ever have chosen. It also means you as the nurse have to fill your cup sometimes and give back. I forget that sometimes.

I owe a lot of my sanity to the people in my life who I love more than they will ever know.

Bless you my family, my friends, my felines and yes, Ozzy, you are now in my circle of sanity!!!!

Now as I grow a year older and hopefully wiser, I cherish those who help me get by when my spirit fails me.

THANK YOU from the bottom of my grateful ❤

The finish line is within REACH!!!!!