Last week I had the honor of being alive for  47 years. I have so much joy about my life and the day-to-day blessings that come with it.

I failed to mention that I spent my birthday with my youngest son Ryan, who was still coughing a week later. He also had this rash appear on his chest that puzzled me. Now I am not a “rash expert” as Andrew will tell you…..long story, but very funny.

I assessed and reassessed the rash and tried Benadryl (we had been working in the yard) and some powder.

Off to bed hoping the cough and rash would be gone the next day.

The next day came and along with it the hacking and the blotchy rash remained.

Doctors appointment made quickly. Home from basketball camp for another day. The doctor was sure Ryan had a virus and then listened to his lungs..rales in the left lowerlobe…chest xray …diagnosis walking pneumonia..antibiotics..Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

“He should be himself in a few days” the doctor said.

I took a long look at Ry and realized he had been himself, not really acting sick. I was just glad I kept him home and took him in……nurse’s instincts rule once again.

The other blessed boy today is Andrew, who is celebrating his 17th birthday. I had him when I was 30, so he always likes to remind me I am 30 years OLDER than him..again, why did I teach him to talk?

We are off to celebrate and I stop here to take a minute to be grateful for boys, birthdays, black dogs and blessings.