Seriously, some super Summer Savvy Shopping Secrets out there.

Lets start with FUN!!!! Philosophy introduced Squishy Red Fishy…. all in one shampoo, bubble bath, shower gel. SERIOUSLY it’s like the little red fish jump out of the bottle and the scent oh, the scent….so real.

This one is only on QVC so far ( yes, I HAD to go online right when I saw it if you must know). Just look at the bottle…..

Trader Joes, not to be outdone by the fish, has a new SPA has a cleanser and lotion both with Vitamin C for $4.99 each…. holla …..$4.99!!! I like it and it has a great smell and feel…Check it out.
Snacks rule my world sometimes and Bugles are TOPS!! Just the word makes me whistle you know…NOW they come in CARAMEL and PEANUT BUTTER and CHOCOLATE!!! What?
My taste buds went into OT with these beauties…….
What boys in the car? What do they want? Get your own bag…actually I had to go to 2 Targets to get both flavors, so I could try them both.I mean the boys could have some crumbs..all in the name of science right?
If you want to read a funny post about the Bugles ( which inspired my shopping trip)…. see
When you are lounging in you pj’s wrap in a Comfort silkie … that is. I have their pillowcase and I don’t want to name names, but a certain 6’5″ oldest son of mine has been known to swipe it…he really needs the satin to prevent those wrinkles his 17 year old face is getting….. HANDS off…
I have to get him his own soon as well as the other 2 …
STILL while in your jammies ( I work nights remember) enjoy a cup of Eat Pray Love tea from Cost Plus…..yes, it is too commercial, but yummy..they have a whole section dedicated to the movie.
Other summer loves are my favorite hand stamped jewelry at and I have been wearing their designs all gold jewelry misses me, but I love their work and the messages behind it.!!!!
be still my heart still
HAPPY 1st of August…WHAT?????