A moment captured (on an iphone no less)

Ok, so it is a title from a sappy Keanu Reeves movie, but I lived it this past week. For our 20th wedding anniversary, yes, I said 20th!, my husband and I travelled to the Russian River valley to stay at The Farmhouse Inn.

It was heaven on earth.

Our room was in the new barn building at the end of a hall, where you could hear a pin drop. I mean QUIET.

I haven’t had this much quiet ever. I could hear myself breathe.

It was a beautiful place with amenities galore. The folks at The Farmhouse know how to take care of two very tired, overworked, overstressed people.

The 2 person jacuzzi had a window overlooking the deck with an inside/outside fireplace that was so cool. There was a spa a stones throw away, which was fabulous and a restaurant that was perfect. They had homemade bath product bar that you could slice your own soap and get bath salts as well as apothecary jars filled with snack treats. ( Just like home I thought …..NOT)

The BEST part was the time with Mark. We got to talk without 3 voices, 1 bark, 3 meows, interrupting or yelling and really cherished the last 20 years all while looking forward to 20 more.

We even adopted the house cat Charlotte who followed us to our room one night from the fire pit after handmade smores (yummy) 🙂 She slept  on a bench by the fireplace and then took over the middle of the bed..she even came back our second night. I feel sorry for whoever got our room the next night..honey ,where did this cat come from?

Time away is nice and it was hard to leave, BUT coming home to a clean house, yes the vacuum had been run ( it was still warm), was also nice. 3 boys who took care of the dog and 3 cats was very much appreciated. The boys wanted to smell the soaps ( would never admit that in public) and hear the stories . I always have a story….

Nice to be home and hold on to the memories.

NOW to pay the bill…

Just add water......

Add a glass of wine and you are all set