My middle son called me type A the other day. It was in regards to me asking him to get organized. I was in the middle of lecture # 25 entitled “How we are going to be an organized family this year”.

He looked straight at me and said , “YOU are type A”. Now where he learned about my type “Aness” is another question, but no, I am type A-/B+ at best , and always have been.

Growing up, I was taught that school work comes first. Now, we didn’t have video games and soooo many distractions back then, but still I didn’t always want to do homework before play.

I remember fondly how growing up after dinner, my Dad had me study words in the dictionary. I became quite the speller and to THIS day have a “did I spell that right thing?”

I just want the boys to to have a daily routine to be on top of their work.

Am I asking too much?

It appears that my 4th son, Ozzy respects my request more than my 2 youngest.

He doesn’t talk back or give me that look. He is my buddy and loves it when I say it is time to get the “boys” Off to the car he goes with a smile on his face. He knows FUN is right down the street and they will play with him.

Oh, to be less type A-/B+ and a dog sometimes……..
“Mr. Middle son and Mr. No, you are not type A, you are alright with me” dog out for their daily walk