Some things are just not made to last. Take for instance the pedicure of a lifetime I had last Sunday. The nail technician spent over an hour and 15 minutes making every piggie pretty. She filed, she buffed , she massaged, she painted.

I was in HEAVEN in a massaging chair.

It was one of the BEST pedicures I have ever received.

I said  ” I must have your card” and knew I found a forever friend.

I picked out a perfect autumn color a nice dark rust and as I was admiring the color, realized I needed to get home for a dinner. My new BFF put on my flip-flops for me and I was on my way home skipping all the way!!

No sooner had I entered said home that one 60 lb black lab stepped and stayed on my big toe as his way of saying “Welcome Home”

Hellooooo MAMA!!!

REALLY? Forget Seriously……..this was a REALLY?

My heart sank as my toe was soon filled with drool from said dog who was sooo happy to see me.

I know he loves me, but REALLY my perfect pedicure????