Looking Good in Blue

It started like any other Sunday. The desire to sleep in, dreaming of a peaceful day. The phone rang and the peace stopped. My oldest son was in an accident. Not just any accident, a bike accident that could have been so much worse.

It was a fundraiser for school. I had that “motherly instinct ” earlier that morning. Made sure his emergency equipment was secured to his bike, name, phone number…the one they called……

The race was over 20 miles and I knew it was too long. We rented the BEST bike, he tried it out. ….all good, he said.

Heading uphill by the Great Highway, he hit a pot hole and flew over the handlebars……all 6’3″ of him. The girl at the water stop saw it, she ran to him, stayed with him , sang ” the shoulder bone connected to the collarbone” to him, knowing his collarbone had broken.

Mark rushed to the scene, me right behind him, bed head and all. It was a site. Flashing ambulance lights, other bicyclists hanging out.

Off to the ER,…Xrays, elbow broken all the way through, pins to be placed. Collar bone broken, passed out, off school for a week, pain medicine, private nurse off work for her most challenging patient.

Fast forward one year.

All healed. Met and appreciated so many during this ordeal..the orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Mac at Kaiser SSF, the ambulance crew, the nurses, the people who helped him and us recover, heal, get on with life.

A life I am most grateful for EVERY day!

Family was a huge support..favorite Halloween cereal from Aunt Tisa, a cookie bouquet from Aunt M, a care package from Bakersfield Aunt M & Uncle Homer……calls, texts, wishes, offers to help.

This October 25th , I celebrate the blessings we received and keep so close in my heart what could have been.


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