She looks TOO good for NIGHT SHIFT!

22 years..I have known her for 22 years. I am speaking of my best friend Jen or JZ as we call her. She and I have worked together for 22 years. I made the decision 13 years ago to work straight nights for the boys, so I could be around after school. They LOVE that decision 🙂

Jen stayed on days…straight straight nights..YET our friendship has stayed strong, if not stronger,

This last week when I was the only scheduled charge nurse on a night shift, Jen agreed to be with me, supporting me, just like she has for the past 22 years.

When I  started in the PICU, a wise nurse manager told me to pick someone to be my “person” ….

the one I turn to in times of crisis for support, love, advice.

JZ has been my “person” all this time and for that friendship, I am sooo grateful and blessed.

It has also saved me millions in counselor fees 🙂

I adore her, cherish her and know she will be there for me no matter what, as she has proven time and time again…..

LOVE you JZ, especially when you hang with me on nights…….

BTW, you DID look like Barbie night shift as my mascara was running….

YOU even had more energy than me by sunrise.

What is THAT all about? XOXOOOXOOX