No MORE sample ladies near ME!!!

It was my fault…it really was. I didn’t need it. It was a want. I saw the tall display of Perrier new flavored waters and had to get a 24 pack.

In the process of reaching up, my wallet fell into a garbage can .

Simple enough, pick up wallet and get on with my IMPULSIVE shopping. I am at COSTCO right?

No sooner do I pick up said wallet that I realize my phone is missing. Looking deep into the plastic bag, I see my phone at the BOTTOM in the swamp of coffee samples. Why did it have to fall next to the coffee sample lady?  why not the nut sample lady or the sausage sample lady?????

AND I will tell you, the coffee was NOT a good sample because the garbage was FILLED with full cups of coffee.

Phone dripping wet, I stood in shock and sticky as the phone was, I thought no problem, it will be all right.

A lady walking by told me to take it home, pack it in rice and it will dry out.

Rushing through the rest of my shopping, a few, oops, hundred more items to checkout, I go home.

Frantically searching for rice, I find some jasmine rice in a half full bag. In goes the phone and the waiting begins.

Two days in rice is the preferred remedy according to those who have been in my shoes.

My youngest came home and looked at the rice and said “Maybe if you cook it , it will help”

No go…..two days turned to four with no success.

Some buttons worked, like I could call someone, but could not hang up after the call…..I know I can chat, but really do know how to hang up 🙂

I broke down yesterday and replaced my rice infused phone and realized how nice it REALLY was to be unreachable for a few days.

I did miss texting my oldest son to just bother him, but otherwise did not miss checking my phone.

The quiet is over and I am now at the mercy of my youngest son to give me a tutorial on my new iPhone 4

( I did have to get a new phone didn’t I?)

The MOST important accessory THIS phone will get is a yellow slicker, aka, the BEST water-repellent cover I can find.

Next time you see me at Costco, I will be shopping for items on the bottom shelves.

Bring it on sample ladies…….