At least Jeff Probst could help me!!!!

It started with the littlest one….went out to dinner and he ordered a spicy steak burrito. I was worried as his tender tummy does not usually do well with spicy. “This is great ” he said as he devoured the burrito.

That night, as I laid my very tired head on my pillow, I heard ” We have a vomiter” from Mark downstairs.

Running down, I saw the littlest one throwing up said burrito all over the throw rug in his room.

Good catch I thought.

I was in the process of moving the rug as Ozzy ,the black lab, came up behind me and started eating the vomit. THAT almost made me get sick as I was in shock.

This is my first dog remember, so I had no idea they have a fondness for gross things.

I helped Ryan clean up (after asking Ozzy to please go back downstairs) and he settled back to bed.

When I asked Mark how he knew someone was getting sick in the room, he told me Nic called him from his cell phone in his bed.

No yelling “Hey Dad”, for this kid, let the phone do the talking. Boy, times have changed…

IT was an all night affair. Up to bathroom with Ry, bring water, back to bed, up again, back to bed.

The next day was a 15 hour day for me as I had a meeting in the am and an evaluation at work for one of my advisees.

I was looking quite stylish in my “up all night, dark circles under the eyes look”

Made it through my night and was awakened by a text the next afternoon from Mark about Victim number 2, who was leaving remnants of a pizza hot pocket on the soccer field.

I texted Mark “Please get him out of the game and he replied, “He won’t stop playing, it is the playoffs”


Finally Nic got home , in the shower and his drama began. Now, Nic is like Shakespeare when he gets sick…

it is all woe me, arms flailing, drawn expressions, it is an Academy Award in the making.

Nic took over Marks spot in the bed, so Mark slept in Nic’s bed that night.

The next morning, I get a call ( why talk face to face to each other anymore?) from Mark that he had a headache and was not well.

Victim number 3 comes to light and Mark is in bed all Sunday as I am in the process of STILL recovering Othello” To get sick or not to get sick” up in my room.

All linen washed, Ginger Ale the only drink in the frig….Andrew( the oldest) & I are considering masks.

Monday morning…. Nic still not 100%, Mark barely hanging and Victim number 4 hanging over the toilet and it is not ME!!!!!!

I am the Soul survivor…time to bring on the Immunity challenge..SO GLAD I got that MANDATORY flu shot at work!!!!

I barely had time to write this post with all the running up and down the stairs, changing linen and other off duty nurse responsibilities….Let’s go for a walk OZZY!

Make it a TALL glass of white wine for ME!!!