Helloooooo Jake....

Lazy Sunday started with a run (or walk in my case) for Run Wild for a Child in Golden Gate Park. The boys all stayed home, so it was a date for Mark & I. He finished 18th in his age category for the 10 K run. Yahoo!!

We had another date earlier this week as I dragged him to see Love and Other Drugs with my newest crush… Yes, CRUSH Jake Gyllenhaal. The movie was ok, but Jake oh Jake..his clothes, his lack of clothes, his eyes, his mere presence on the screen.
My friends at work asked how Anne Hathaway was in the movie and I said “Was she even in the movie? “I didn’t notice. I think I need to see the movie again by myself in the back row, so no one can see me drool.

I have a gorgeous husband, who is quite the runner, so this is only a fantasy, I like what I have at home thank you……… but ooooh Jake …….be still my heart.

In other randomness, I have been thinking this week about my very special friend Suzanne who passed away suddenly four years ago next week. If there ever was a cheerleader in my life, she was it!!

Suzanne was always there for me through thick and thin. I miss her every day and especially when work gets crazy, I need her smile and sense of humor.

She helped me through so much and I keep her memory close in my heart always.

This week, my 3 friends who helped me during the days after Suzanne’s sudden death will meet up for a drink to toast us……. to toast friendship …….to toast life!!!!

The day after Suzanne passed away, we all met for breakfast to cope. I remember like it was yesterday, my swollen eyes, my sadness and yet felt so loved by my friends Jen , Ann and Julie. I am so glad we will meet again this week!!

So blessed with good friends…..

THANK YOU Suzanne for being in my corner, for believing in me……. for all the gifts you brought to my life. LOVE YOU!!!!