Maybe, I should stick to a landline 🙂

It was BOUND to happen…… Busy day, hanging out with my Mom..a recipe for either a big glass of wine or a miscommunication. It went like this…….

My Mom and I were at Target shopping and I just happen to walk by the electronics department as the salesman was putting out the last 2 Kinect systems for Xbox…it is this years Tickle me Elmo and I was so excited, I bought one for the boys for Christmas.

They just saved all their money to buy an Xbox system, so it was PERFECT timing!!!

Now, let me BACK up and say that I had been texting Andrew earlier in the day to see if he was home as I had some leftovers from lunch and that boy loves a good leftover. Keeps him from stunting his growth. He is ONLY 6’5″ this week.

I never heard from him , so I went about my day.

After my find, I grabbed my phone and texted Mark the news..”Got the Kinect for the boys for Christmas!!!!” Sooo proud of my purchase, maybe THIS year I WILL be MOTHER of the year.:)

This was at about 2pm and I never heard back from Mark.

Dropped my Mom off, put a bottle of wine in the frig ( do you sense a theme here?) and left with Oz to get the boys.

On the way home, my phone went off…a text, and THIS is what it said…“Ohh, I will be playing that”

What??? I then looked at my phone and realized I sent ANDREW the text that was meant for Mark..I screamed and at the stop light texted back “No, that text was not meant for YOU”

“Too late now ” was the reply.

WWSD (What would SANTA do?)