Starring ASUNTA in the middle XOXOXOXOX

Every year my best friends and I gather to celebrate our friendship. We do this in light of an unexpected loss four years ago of a very close friend.

We talk about how not to take any day for granted, how blessed we are to have each other.

It is as special time together.

This year I asked my friends to make this time together a more frequent event. Not just once a year, but every couple of months, if not more often. I have a scheduled time with another of my BFF’s and we meet once a month regularly now. I ALWAYS look forward to our visit.

It is ALL about experiences and memories together for me this year. I love having time with my friends, just catching up and supporting each other AND LAUGHING……..oh, how we laugh 🙂

This year, my very special friend Asunta joined us for dinner. I have known Asunta for MANY years and she has 3 boys like me, so we are kindred sisters.

Four years ago when our close friend passed away, I spoke at her service. It was one of the hardest talks for me because my heart was so broken.

After my talk, Asunta came up to me and asked  if I would speak at HER service. It shocked me a bit, but I thought what a tribute to our friendship.

I don’t remember what I said at the service, but many people came up to me after and hugged me and said my words meant so much.

I know I talked about having 5 close friends who I cherish ALWAYS in my heart. I still have those 5 close friends and YES, Asunta you are in the circle of 5.

I admire you, I adore you, I am in AWE of all you do and I so VERY much appreciate YOU in my life

Your smile and kind heart mean so much to me and I would be honored to speak about how special you are in my life anytime, anyplace. LOVE YOU!!!!

Think  this year about sharing experiences and memories with friends instead of gift cards…….

TREASURE those who mean so much to YOU this Holiday Season.

I know I will…….