Whooo said I was a NIGHT owl?

It is a weird existence. Working at night when normal people sleep…sleeping during the day when normal people work.

Now I never SAID I was normal, but the other day, I laughed out LOUD at my life choice.

It was in the middle of a bowl of gourmet Fruity Pebbles at 3 in the afternoon, that I REALIZED, I AM CRAZY!

I SCARE the UPS man on a regular basis with my bed head and drool stained face when he rings the door bell midday.

I frequently do not know what day it is and it takes a 9-year-old to reorient me as to time and place.

I think making the perfect bed ranks up there with world peace.

It is the life of a night nurse. Look for my next book “How to Make the Perfect Bed” by the NIGHT nurse. ( sheet thread count, best feather beds all covered inside)

I switched to a straight night schedule 13 years ago when Nic was born, so I could be around during the day time.

Once, when I worked days, I got a call from Andrew’s day care that he bit someone and I HAD to come get him right away.

Now, when you are a nurse working with critically ill children in a hospital setting..right now cannot always happen. I sent Mark, who works a normal 9-5 life to get said biter and feed him dinner , not fingers.

What I DO know in my comatose daily state is, I WORK with the BEST nurses in the WORLD!

We rally on a nightly basis and work as a TEAM to care for children, their families and most of all EACH OTHER.

Our 3am is your 3pm, but we roll with it and make the best of our “Why are we up again?” life…….

On my way home….

I crave my comfy PJS and bowl of oatmeal at 8am as everyone exits my house. I get to relish in the quiet morning, black dog by my side and then crawl into the best bed ever and hope I don’t scare the mailman too much that day…..