WHY is THIS boy covered in MUD is the question?

IT has been a much-anticipated item. Some say they wait by the mailbox for IT to arrive. The IT I am talking about is the Lobre 5 Christmas card. Yes, we know we are FUN. We know are creative..

THIS year, we know we are FAILURES.

In years past, we played Where’s Waldo with OUR family hiding among people our friends and family didn’t know..got lots of WHO are these people ????comments.

One year, we made REAL snowballs and had the boys hold them and then THROW them

(at me, the photographer, no less)!

Last year,we enlisted the help of our favorite rodent Ruby to star as Ruby the RED eyed rodent. So sweet…..

BUT MY favorite so far was the year our neighbors had life-sized Wiseman in their front yard and the boys posed among them for the caption

The 3 WISEmen MEET the 3 WISEguys.

THAT was a hit!!

So sorry, friends, family, random strangers..it was a comedy of errors this year and went something like this……

We TRIED the at home cozy shot……..  RED or rather GLOWING eyes EVERYWHERE……

We THEN ventured OUTDOORS ( never a good idea in white for US) to take a bigger family portrait at the Palace of Fine Arts. White tops was the color request….. mmmmm

It was a rainy day and on the way down the hill to the perfect picture spot, Mr. Ryan slid and fell, not once, not twice, BUT four times. Covered in mud, he was quite a sight.

The bigger sight was his 2 brothers who could not stop laughing and were sliding right next to him.

At least The Palace looks clean…….Well. there is ALWAYS next year!!!!

Happy Holidays from the Lobre 5!!

I EVEN tried to hide the mud with an umbrella




EVEN Ozzy wanted NO part of the MUD!!!