A whole year of FUN starts with 1/1/11

I always work New Years. It is MY night. It took me a few years to learn that New Years Eve was not the money night, so tried to schedule myself for New Years only.

With my seniority, I only have to work one holiday, so I select New Years.

THIS year, I got scheduled for New Years Eve and New Years. hmmmmm

Luckily for me, I was able to get off New Years Eve and spend the night with my loving family, who I have been with day and night and day and night (except when I worked OT 12/28) for 2 weeks.

THEY needed me!!!

I ended up seeing a movie with Mark (The Fighter) which was very good, except I want to punch at the screen when I see boxing movies.

So I worked New Years.

Visions of time and a half dancing in my head, the night started out easy.

I was assigned to mentor a coworker to a particular patient, but that ended when a transport call came.

The thing about working in a place that is open 24/7 is …………it is open 24/7!!!!!

We can get calls all night to admit children who are in need of our help.

I was soon admitting a 2-year-old with respiratory distress, the diagnosis of the winter, so far.

He needed lots of oxygen and he wanted none of it.

It was a 8 hour challenge to keep his oxygen on, but the highlight of my night was writing 1/1/11 on my orders, my flowsheet, my care plans, my lab requisitions……. IT was FUN!!!

I was hoping would get an order at 01:11 so I could write

“noted on 1/1/11 @01:11”

No such order came, but it still made me SMILE :).

Happy New Year from the NIGHT NURSE who finds FUN in the small things some times.

I am ONE for FUN!!!!

I so appreciate YOU reading and following my blog…….Here’s to 1/11/11……

I wonder if I am working THAT night……