I heart Lisa Leonard. ❤

She is an inspiration to me on a daily basis.

Her hand stamped jewelry fills my closet :)and her photographs take my breath away….away….away..

( YOU get the picture)

Lisa has introduced me through her blog and website to the concept of


One little word.

Lisa’s inspiration was ali edwards (http://aliedwards.com/blog/) who has been sharing HER word for a few years.

So ………NOW,  YOU need to pick the word……

the ONE that will STAY with YOU all year…

DEFINE your year…..

MAKE your year……

WHAT is IT???

Please leave ME  a comment and let me know….

OH, MY word…GRATITUDE, of course..I want to show MORE of it, cherish it, bargain with it………

C’mom GRATITUDE let’s get BUSY…..

Oh, BTW I polled some of my coworkers as I showed them Lisa’s beautiful necklace

Yes, I have a jewelry organizer JUST for My hand stamped treasures!!!

NOURISH, BALANCE, STRENGTH….GREAT words ladies.. NOW, let’s get going…..

word of the year necklace

word of the year necklace

2011 is here! we are working together with ali edwards to chose ‘one little word’ for the new year. hope, strength, patience, laugh, explore…what will your word be this year? the word of the year necklace is a thick, narrow tag with a large ball, strung from sterling chain and finished with a freshwater pearl. we’ll hand-stamp the tag with your very own word. choose something meaningful that captures your heart! the perfect reminder to live each day well!

Lisa Leonard  www.lisaleonardonline.com

Tell her Shauna sent YOU …….she might just know WHO I am……