Ok, so in THIS shot, Nic is on the left πŸ™‚

He is my father in a 13-year-old body…….all the great parts

He has a smile that goes for miles…..

He finds humor in almost everything……bodily functions rule this week

He makes friends so easily…..it’s always “Hi Nic” wherever we go

He dreams of playing in the NBA someday…..

HE is my middle son and I look UP to him.

Literally, look up……. We used to see eye to eye, but now he is 1.5 inches taller than ME!!!!!!

Last Friday night in a gym in the heart of North Beach, Nic made what is called a “buzzer beater” from half court. It was AMAZING!!!

4 seconds on the clock and the ball went SWOOSH!

The crowd roared, I jumped out of my seat, and Nic smiled THAT grin…

The man next to me said “that shot will still be talked about on his wedding day….”

I was going to call this post “An ode to the freakishly TALL family” as my friend Winnie calls us, but that will come as a separate post.

THIS post is all about NIC who lives inthemiddleof3 and gets along just fine……

Congrats on THAT shot Nic..I was one proud Mama jumping out of my seat:)

Nic..the one in themiddleof3 making his own path…and he is paving it HIS way!!!!!