As the mother of 3 busy boys, 1 very busy husband, 3 crazy cats, 1 sweet dog, there comes a time when I need to yell “STOP THE INSANITY!!!”

This time usually comes after I have worked TOO MUCH (think…..” poor me”) or I am just plain TIRED.

Some random ME time can come in the form of……

a trip to the movie theater …..Sitting in  the back row, BUTTERED popcorn for 1 (yes, I know 1500 calories) , Diet Coke in my Timbuk2 bag, oogling Ashton Kutcher in a sappy romance

a manicure AND pedicure that takes me away for a bit…..Bring on the trashy magazines….

lunch with the BEST girlfriends EVER…catching up

a morning walk with the black lab dog…… breathing in and out and taking in the view……PEACEFUL

Why, you say does a mother of 3 need ME time?????

Well, it usually starts off with an incident


getting in my car last week and everything, I mean everything was STICKY…….steering wheel, gear shift, emergency brake, cup holder

Yes, the oldest one drove MY car WHILE eating an orange…….so healthy you say…… angry as I had to “destick” my steering wheel with Clorox wipes…

Is it EVEN LEGAL to drive while peeling and eating an orange?????..I may have to check the DMV Drivers Handbook on THAT one!!!

In my line of work, I can do blood, I can do vomit, but STICKY grosses me OUT!!!

I was never a fan of suckers either when they were young…..sorry Tootsie Roll

the middle one got a report card that says he talks excessively…….now WHERE did he get that from??

the little one is such a doll…….he sat through a girl movie the other night “Julie & Julia” just to hang with me……ok, so he is NOT the reason for my need for ME time

I know one day , it will just be Me, Mark, cats & the dog, (or dogs by that time) and I will miss the INSANITY.…..

BUT for now…I need to recharge my batteries once in a while……

Now where is the remote, I think American Idol is on?????