A rose is a rose?

I am really starting to enjoy photography. Now don’t get me wrong, I am NO Ansel Adams, but I like looking at things in my day and putting them in picture mode.

Some examples…Mocha , the most beautiful Himalayan cat ,who CHOOSES to live OUTSIDE got caught in my rose picture….Sooooooo pretty, YET she likes to live in our backyard with her mother.

We TRIED to get her in the house………she hid in my car engine when we brought her in…SPOILED outside cat

What do you mean the neighbors are MISSING their Kohl's coupons???

I am not saying that Mark may or may have not taken some extra Kohl’s coupons from our neighbors papers as he walked Ozzy in the morning…I may just have extras…….I am not saying…..

It is so easy to get CAUGHT UP in all the craziness your day has to offer, so……

Take a MOMENT and see things in a different way…….APPRECIATE all the little things that appear before YOU…..

a smile from a 9-year-old who hangs with you at Trader Joes when no one else will

a group of 17 year olds hanging in your family room, playing Fifa Soccer and yelling so loud, it makes a certain black dog bark.

THEY are having fun and I know where they are…… I also enjoy watching them EAT oh, how they EAT….Snacks anyone?

a 13-year-old who goes to the Justin Bieber movie just to hang oops hear the girls scream…ummm…Never say Never Nic….

It is all about FINDing the BEAUTY in SMALL things……..or TALL things in my house.

Zits Cartoon for 12/31/2010