AMAZING Grace keeps me Grounded!!!

GRACE to go..It is an idea my nighttime coworker and buddy Winnie coined.

Since I live my life running from one place to another, she thought, I should always take some GRACE with me.

She bought me my own small vial and it lives in the cup holder of my car for THOSE days!!!

GRACE to go……what a concept and something I need. Thank you Winnie.

BTW Winnie rocks my night shift world because first of all, she knows a little bit oops,

a lot about EVERYTHING (think walking encyclopedia) and she has a habit of adding “alicious” to words randomly when things get crazy busy.

Example if a parent is especially stressed and starts lashing out they are “annoyalicious”………

If something in the unit just doesn’t work right it is “funkalicious”……..

TRY it ……….add “alicious” to any word, it makes you SMILE every time!! :0 is THAT time of year again. The mothers, I mean the Girl Scouts are OUT again!

We first saw the mothers, I mean girls, last week during our trip to Patxi’s Chicago Style pizza. The pizza takes 30 minutes to cook, so I spotted 2 mothers, I mean girls, across the street and decided to surprise the boys with a box (or two) of their favorite Samoas.

The girls had a table set up and a VERY limited selection.

They told me their goal was to sell 200 boxes.

I asked for 2 boxes of Samoas and 2 boxes of my favorite Dosidos. To their loss, they only had the new flavor and 1 box of Tagalongs.

The new flavor was Berry Much and the 10-year-old girl told me it goes well with coffee.

Why a 10-year-old is drinking coffee is another story, but I bought them to support their mothers.

When I got back to the restaurant, the boys were shocked to see such a sad Girl Scout showing.

I told them they were out of their favorites and Andrew said they will never sell 200 boxes of Berry Much, but it does look like a cookie that would go well with coffee.

What is it with kids and coffee these days???

Leave it to the adults. It will stunt your growth Mr. 6’5″