My sister, who lives in a little log cabin in Idaho, sent me a notepad with the title of this post written on it. I LAUGHED so hard.

It is sooooooo true…….Motherhood calls for cocktails

My sister has no kids……just dogs, which can be the same sometimes……

BUT she GETS IT!!!!………..

Raising children can force you to look at wine bottles in a whole new light.

My newest favorite treat is Sofia Rose by Coppola

I bought these wine cork candles that fit in an empty bottle and you can light them like a candle…COOL…COOL

Now, if only Ryan would STOP counting HOW MANY bottles I have saved as candles……..

My oldest and youngest were home sick last week.Both had colds and I was an on duty nurse ,off duty.

I took them both to the doc and for Mr. Freakishly TALL Andrew, the medical assistant had to get ON a chair to accurately record HIS height.

He is off the charts and on my nerves lately as we wind down college choices and midterms and somehow he coerced me into a Hawaii trip for graduation with his friends. WHAT?????

I don’t think I got a Hawaii trip when I graduated from high school…maybe a nice  dinner, but no Waikiki…..hmmmmmm

It’s all a DAY in the life of a mother, one who might need a cocktail RIGHT after finishing THIS post.