Sometimes the life of a night nurse takes an ugly turn.

After working 2 or 3 nights in a row, I ALWAYS have trouble sleeping on the next night.

BUT this week, I could not sleep the 4th night, 5th night or 6th night.

I FINALLY gave in and took a melatonin on the 7th night only to be awakened by Ryan with ear pain…..Are U kidding ME?

Every night of insomnia, I kept company with this little beauty

Such a SWEET face....

16 years. She has been my constant companion for 16 years.

Her birthday is April 1st and she is the FOOL of all cats.

She is spoiled, pampered, LOVED by all things boy in this house…her tuxedo keeps them all in line…..the QUEEN they call her…..


adored by ME who makes room for her under the covers, buys her the BEST treats and talks with her late at night about things that worry me and she REALLY listens…..

BETTER than ANY  therapist…… my FELINE…….

She is the BEST friend a night nurse can ever have…XOXOXOOX.