I LOVE my children, I REALLY do, BUT there comes a time when I  want to sit in a corner and pull each grey hair, one by one. They have caused them, they are responsible…. I am sure.

Take the WIZARD, aka Mr. Firstborn……. Mr. “If I drop my clothes on the floor, I can step over them for days, no one will mind.”

I was going to take a picture of said floor, but THAT would cause MAJOR humiliation…….

like this sign…..it hangs over the door to HIS room……

His two best buddies NOW call HIM the WIZARD.

Laugh all you want boys, I BOUGHT that sign and it was for privacy……

it’s funny, so grow up!!!

Ozzy & I went into the WIZARDS room and Ozzy tried to dig to the bottom of the clothes pile. I told him it would be an all day dig, so he would be better off napping on top.

I LOVE that dog…….have I told you?

Ozzy's FRIENDS.....NOT!!!!

Speaking of Ozzy, he tries SOOOO hard to get the cats to like him…..only the all black one, Chester tolerates him. Miss Honey pretends like he is not in the house and Cooper spits and hisses and they dance back and forth paws flying on a daily basis.

The BOYS of baseball…….

4 nights a week, I am driving either NIc or Ryan to baseball….rush home….. get cleats…… rush off…….all in a day

NIc @ bat “STOP taking my picture, you are bothering ME!!!” Pic by Mark on hipstamatic..blurring by ME

Ryan’s turn……

OK..we JUST lost, but here is a FORCED smile MOM....

The GIANT's got NOTHING on THIS swing!!!!!


Here’s 2 boys spending their father’s money $$$$$$$$$ at the Giants Game……

WHERE IS the kettle corn guy????

This week I am focusing on bunnies & baskets..Easter is my FAVORITE time of year to pick up some great treats……

Helllloooooo PEEPS........time to bite your little fluffy artificial flavor heads off....

WELCOME to Target..leave YOUR $100 over there just for walking IN!!!!


How did THAT get in MY basket?