May the NURSE be with YOU!!!!

I am training a new graduate nurse.

I am trying to remember what it was like to be a new graduate nurse.

I am trying to be very patient.

I am trying to remember how people were patient with ME 24 years ago.

She calls me YODA.

I didn’t get it at first having only seen snippets of Star Wars movies over the years.

The boys gave me the scoop.

Helloooooooo vente cinnamon dolce latte

While precepting my new graduate, I am reminded of my early days as a new graduate and how I would say the Hail Mary as I walked up all 6 flights of stairs hoping they would not give me a sick patient to care for that day.

I was so afraid and lost during those early days……and also in MUCH better shape as I was able to WALK up six flights of stairs without collapsing :).

I was the second new grad to start in the PICU and the first new graduate was not doing well.

I remember one day I got a call to stay home because they needed my preceptor to take care of a really sick patient and I would sort of ‘be in the way”

THAT would never happen now as we train all the nurses to care for all the patients.

I am learning so much working with my new grad and she is teaching me how to teach her.

We make a good team for that reason and I really like that I can tell her anything and she feels the same about me.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s been hard, we have been frustrated with each other, but when she  says, ” I feel safe with you” ……

I know we are on this journey together……

24 years ago, someone took a chance on me and I would say that chance turned out ok………..I am still there..…..

I LOVE what I do and I am so honored to work with children and families who need my expertise.

Expertise that came with lots of tears, hard work, second thoughts and support from the people who love me. MUAH!!!!

Take a chance on me....

All in a nights work, as I keep my sense of humor as we learn together, chat together and care deeply for the patients we nurse for together.

It is a gift to work with critically ill children and I am counting on my FORCE to help my new grad be competent, successful and a FORCE to be reckoned with in her time in the PICU.

Carrry on young Luke, oops Shauna I mean………as Yoda says …..

You will find only what you bring in.”