Spring Break here in the House of Lobre

One week with the oldest……..

Now, one week with the two youngest

THIS is what I am saying to myself…..

No real plans.. just some FUN days…swimming., bowling,  gaming , baking the Pioneer Woman Cinnamon Rolls….

Drew plays basketball in a Showcase League on Tuesday nights.

EVERY time I find my seat, I am  AMAZED at the amount of food in the bleachers especially when they have THIS sign….

It IS a nice Coke can......

The gym director is an old friend of mine and he was wondering WHY I was taking pictures the other night..I will have him read this post :)………

Purple is one of my FAVORITE colors and my niece turned 9 last night and she had THIS cake
Soooooooo HIP!!!

THIS girl has GREAT taste!!!

In fact, PURPLE was all around the birthday party……..so Easter like….

Mark's Mom had GREAT taste!!!!!

LOVE ME some Blow POP!!!!! Thanx Gabby 🙂

NOW WHY you ask was this post named Bloody Marys & Bacon???

Nic told me if it became TOO much to have them home all week, he would make me a Bloody Mary…

no, I am not a real Bloody Mary person……….

BUT the bigger question is why a 13-year-old would know HOW to make one???????

Wish me luck and lots of BACON, which is a way to increase views of your blog…..

BACON is the most searched word on the internet and maybe I will get some new blog followers…

I KNOW Ozzy would follow if I had BACON…….

The DOG dish washer........