The Lobre 5 LOVES to eat out!!!
Most of the BOYS Spring Break revolved around
“Where are we going to EAT?”

When it comes to Chinese food..we all CRAVE THIS place.
It is a find after work one night and we are WELL KNOWN there.
The owner just smiles as we walk in, knowing it will be a BIG order…..

STARTS like THIS......

Double Happiness that we have to order DOUBLE of.....

Raspberry Chicken YUM- O

It is HARD to share sometimes and we NEVER go with anyone but US because we are not really civilized when we eat there.

We reach across the table…..

We fight over the last piece of chicken….

We sit in the corner and talk with our mouths full…….

it is FAMILY ONLY!!!

Tonight, we celebrated Drew deciding to go to Sonoma State for a couple of years to figure out college, life and where he wants to go to LAW school.

Dinners like this, HE WILL come home for, because they are so SPECIAL and only OURS!!!

We look forward to visiting WINE country come Fall and watching Drew’s life as it unfolds…

Nic & Ryan told me tonight I am going to cry at night because I will MISS Drew so much.

It is true,


I know he will be ok because he will take with him all the lessons learned in the House of Lobre  (not the bad manners…… I hope)

He is my first-born and I will ALWAYS be SO proud of EVERY thing he does…as I am of all 3 boys.

My heart is very FULL and EXCITED.

An adventure is waiting and maybe a bottle of wine or two for visiting parents.