Yes, it is an IMPORTANT day today to all mothers, but I am feeling sort of like EVERY day is Mother’s Day….

Don’t get me wrong, I treasure the day of respect, maybe even GOOD behavior, possibly a pancake or two……


I am blessed to have my 3 boys with me every day.

Some mothers’ are not that lucky and for that I celebrate ALL Mother’s.      

With all the celebration of Bin Laden’s death last week, I was so touched by Ryan when he said to me” I was born 4 days after Sept 11, 2001.”

Instead of celebrating what other people around the world were celebrating that night, I chose to celebrate the birth of my youngest on Sept 15, 2001.

My easiest birth, my last child, the gift that keeps on giving…SOOOOO SWEET …

When I was in labor with Ryan,

Mark (such a history buff) was glued to the TV reports of the aftermath of Sept 11……

Only once did I interrupt to say, “A little help here” as I was delivering a beautiful blond-haired baby boy.

In my line of work, I DO NOT take one day for granted that I am blessed with 3 healthy boys!!

Even in

the trail of

clothes ( Andrew)

junk food (Nic),

video game boxes (Ryan),

I know I have so much to be THANKFUL for EVERY day, not just TODAY.

I salute all my fellow mothers and ask that you ALL take a minute to do a

random act of kindness

for someone you know who may be missing a mother, longing to be a mother, or caring for a mother.