If you know me, you know I LOVE hand stamped jewelry.

It has been my NEW obsession.

EVEN IF YOU just met me in line at Safeway, YOU would know I LOVE inspirational jewelry….

I am a collector of

and for this post

Amy makes this bracelet with the simple word BREATHE on one side…

you can pick something for the other side also, which is unique.

I needed to BREATHE this week and I put

“in and out”

on the other side to remind me to take a moment……

I know

“inhale and exhale” is more nurse like, but I was off duty.

It seems like I have been moving IN slow motion this week,

trying to get over my

PTCD ( Post Traumatic Crash Disorder)

I am STILL beating myself up, thinking about things, stopping for 5 minutes at every corner.

I have worn my FAVORITE sweatshirt for 3 days in a row..


at LEAST it is not my pj’s

I was even


a game of Words with Friends on my iphone because I was sooooooo slow to respond…..



To CHEER myself UP, I took a lot of walks to my HAPPY place with my BFF black lab   

The SF Golf Course next to the boys school.

 I LOVE the quiet as we walk past……..

Dogs are NOT allowed, so we just look and ENJOY he VIEW


I TRIED cooking one of my favorite COMFORT foods……..It is made with THIS 

EXCEPT in my POST night shift COMA, I BOUGHT THIS…….

At LEAST, it WASN"T MUY Picante

Drew had STEAM coming out of HIS ears, but I told him to COVER it with LOTS of sour cream………



Prom number 3, 4, ………..150

for Mr. Andrew

He is wearing a $400 tux because the tux store made a mistake with the date and let him borrow a retail tux….

PLEASE don’t spill any salsa on the collar

I'll have the special with fries......oops

Drew will be staying in California for college as we did the math on his 3 times the price NONresident fees in Oregon.

HE or WE, would pay $30,000 just to go to school where a resident would pay $10,000….

He will go to Sonoma for a couple of years to figure out the college thing


get the BEST care packages from a certain nurse mother who LOVES to send treats.

I feel better NOW……..