There is a saying well-known to mothers around the world.

It is

“I have THREE under 3”

It means that you have 3 children under the age of 3.

My coworker is pregnant with twins and has a 16 month old, so she will have “THREE under 2”

It got me thinking……..

I have “THREE under 18”

The boys are 4 years apart and BELIEVE me that age gap was MUCH needed.

I always joke at work that once one got into a stage…… the next one was coming out of that stage.

Terrible twos…….4 years apart…..YOU need that TIME to recover…...

Last week, the oldest was asked to play in an All-star basketball game,  

the middle one was elected Sports Commissioner at school

and the youngest one was in a championship baseball game and devastated by Buster’s injury.

We also had school projects to finish or

“wait till the last-minute to start “

as was the case with Mr. Andrew.

Luckily, the clerk at Beverly’s did not see my face when I was told  

in the middle of the store

that besides the one project we were there to get supplies for,

there was “well, a big end of the year Religion project that is also due TOMORROW”

Sooo buying a Snickers SOON.....

KINDNESS…I have been surrounded by it this week. So many nice people in my life…….Blessed

One of my favorite people is Janelle Troncone, the owner of Comfort Silkie.

I am working on a project to bring comfort to the mothers of the children in the PICU.

My goal is to have each of them receive a silkie pillow case and eye pillow to rest in our women’s sleeproom at night.

Janelle sent me a box of items to try out.

She EVEN included soft pillowcases for the “THREE under 18”

and a blankie and pillow case for me.

THANK YOU …Please check out her company at and type in “shlo” for 10% off


My thoughts today (and very often) are with one of my VERY BEST friends who would be 50 today!

Cards we shared fill my memory box and

today I send a heartfelt THANK YOU for her friendship

and will toast a special glass of wine ( her favorite) to Suzanne who passed away unexpectantly almost 5 years ago.

She is very much missed……

Here’s one of my FAVORITE cards from her…….

We KNEW how to LAUGH…….

OH, how she made ME LAUGH…….

The inside caption....FRIENDS are the BEST Therapy!!!!!