JUST for the boys......

Since my famous car accident of Friday the 13th, I have adopted a NEW attitude.

I got a NEW Attitude” sing it PATTI LABELLE

I won’t tell you I Rocked this video back in the day……..had one of the outfits too I think……

Slow down….One project at a TIME……NO Overbooking….MORE TIME spent on things that matter

Next month will be my 24th year as a PICU Nurse.

I will also be NUMBER ONE on the Seniority list as my coworker who has worked in the PICU for 35 years will be retiring ( No hopes of THAT for me anytime soon:))

Being number 1 comes with lots of responsiblity and lots of people who COUNT on Me……..

Last week I cancelled a meeting that was scheduled on the boys last day of School , BECAUSE I have NEVER MISSED a last day of school.

The boys were my priority, not sitting in a meeting where we talk about the same stuff as last meeting.

My boys will always be my priority, BUT sometimes, they get what’s left of me after I meet everyone else’s needs

THAT is going to change

Nic went to the movies after school that day, and as I dropped him off, I drove away and tears streamed down my face.

I told Ozzy  (my constant companion) that there GROWS another one and they are growing SO FAST!!!

Taking it EASY………SUMMER is here….

Enjoying OUR time

TESTING the waters like OZZY