I never thought I would last a full 12 hour shift..or a week or EVEN a month….











This month as I celebrate 24 years as a PICU nurse,

I have so much gratitude in my heart.

The patience of my teachers, the guiding of my managers, the love and support of my family.

What began as a “What am I thinking?”  job,  became a career, a passion………..

my life’s purpose.

I have met so many fantastic people in this 24 year journey.

I have been fortunate to have coworkers to hold me up, cheer me on, school me in the care of critically ill children.

And there was always Adrienne…………


Sweet LAST day of work ride












She took me under her wing from the very beginning.

She taught me how to care and critically think……….how to show compassion and zero an art line ………

She was a nurse’s nurse……….she did the extra things that meant the most

I am so very grateful of my time in the PICU working with her.

Her hard work will carry on in my heart and hands as  I teach the new nurses the Adrienne way

I always joked with her that when she retires I will be number one…….

It has happened..I did not get a tiara like I hoped , just my name at the top of the seniority list and a few smiles from my coworkers









My last gift to Adrienne was a TRAVEL basket that she can enjoy as she will make France her home for 6 months.

The staff of the PICU contributed as well as management and I worked my basket magic…….

It was French themed and had  $500 in Visa gift cards displayed in “French Fry” cartons no less from Cost Plus…


It was a labor of love for a woman I admire and so appreciate in my life…..

Maybe if nursing doesn't work out.......I can be a basket maker 🙂













Thank you Adrienne

Her last day was FILLED with celebration, champagne and YES a Rolls Royce to and from work

Did I get his card?? My celebration will be in 12 years…hope he is STILL around 🙂

Adrienne with the NEWEST Adrienne RN


Christmas in July starts NOW in the house of Lobre..so many birthdays to celebrate and YES, my “baby” turns 18!!!!

My 6'6" first son who would not pose.....














I am looking forward to turning 48, spending time with my BEST friends, Spa days………. Champagne nights…..So blessed

Birthday WISHES….like…..

A girl can DREAM........can't SHE??













Be still my heart……yummy ❤ ❤