I admit it…….Mornings are NOT my FAVORITE time of the day.

It is so that way in the HOUSE of LOBRE that…….

certain felines,



boys know better than to approach me


I have a LARGE mug of coffee in my hand.

The BIGGER... The BETTER!!!!!

I work NIGHTS people!!!!!!

After I become human, I goof around

 (read do important work)













on my 27 inch Mac that would keep me warm at night if I asked it to……

I then make my way to my Spa Shower with water galore and all the amenities…….

THIS morning I grabbed a bottle of my favorite Philosophy shampoo and began reading  as I do…….

I stopped mid lather………..the bottle was talking to me……

I have used all the grace Philosophy products over the years and love what their label says, but this shampoo stopped me  in my tracks…


“we dream of the perfect life, perfect health, the perfect relationship even perfect hair, in doing so we lose sight of the most perfect thing there is.

we call it “the perfect plan” it is the invisible energy life force that directs our every move, every triumph and every set back.

it is a master plan that requires no perfection, once you surrender to the plan you genuinely see the perfection of God’s plan.”

ALL in one lather…..AMAZING…….




I also get to spend QUALITY MORNING time with THIS beauty

I LIKE the BIG Bed!!!!














EVERY morning we pass THIS sign as we cut through the school yard on our morning walk

My glasses are foggy and as far as I know Ozzy can’t read, so we walk QUICKLY…….

We also see random things like…….

I KNOW..RANDOM BUT I like it!!!!

One DAY I am climbing THAT ladder.......