Pinterest STRIKES again!!!

I sat in a room of 135 nurses yesterday to talk about Communication and Change.

These were 135 POWERFUL nurses.

Talented, hard-working professionals who met at Mission Bay to talk about a journey.

My hospital is looking to obtain Magnet status in the next year and all in the room are vital to the process.

There were excellent speakers, excellent books highlighting the work of the nurses and a sunny day.


I was HONORED to be among the best of the best.

We talked….we shared…..we learned about change.

One of my favorite lines from a speaker was….

“People need to know they will SURVIVE

before they will THRIVE”

Surrounded by STARS!!!!

Speaking of powerful nurses……..a BIG hug to my best friend JZ who introduced me to her favorite walking spot….

We walked………..we talked…….we were inspired by the beauty around us


how to NEVER take one day in this life for granted

love U JZ xoxoxoxoox

I sent an email the other day to Pinterest asking them how I could get some shirts for Ryan and I to rock as we are Pinterest addicts.

The reply came with a “hey, YES let me send you some” which was COOL……….


also the last line in the reply email read……

Hey Shauna, THANK YOU for being a NURSE!!

I was happy about the shirts, but even Happier about the recognition.

We all know nurses work hard……

BUT it is nice to hear a THANK YOU from someone OUTSIDE of nursing..

I had a rare opportunity the other night to spend 2 hours with a 20-year-old patient who was quite ill.

He needed to be transferred to the PICU for more monitoring, but there were delays in getting his room ready.

So we talked…….

Good old fashioned “tell me all about you talking”……

He asked me my philosophy of life, was I religious, what do I like about being a nurse????

Despite his knowledge that he himself was becoming much sicker, he wanted to spend his time talking with me.

We connected……….

THAT IS WHY I LOVE what I do!!!