Every October, my favorite basket company Longaberger hosts a Horizon of Hope Luncheon to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It is one of the nicest events I have attended.

There are great speakers, delicious food and wine and fabulous people all coming together for a CAUSE!!!

Not only is it a WONDERFUL event , it is inspiring and full of HOPE!!!

My grandmother passed away from metastatic breast cancer the year I decided to become a nurse.

She was a nurse.

She was a nurses nurse.

She knew how to make EVERYTHING better.

She taught me so much about how to care for people….

She taught me to cherish a good cup of tea with people you love

hold close those who mean the world to you 

and IF YOU KNOW ME…… my love for lemon drop candies.

They always remind me of her and her filled candy jar.

I myself have recently had a breast cancer scare and have some repeat testing to do.

I know it will all be fine, but events like  Horizon of Hope fill me with great appreciation for all the support that is available.

Do something nice for someone today

Write a handwritten note to a friend

Smile randomly at a stranger on the street

Make someones day!!!!

Do it just because you can…..