I am of the belief that the BEST conversations happen after midnight.

It MUST have something to do with me being UP past midnight two nights a week………I had an opportunity the other night to stay up and talk with the mom of my patient.


We talked so much, her son was like “REALLY, who is YOUR patient here”???

One of our early am topics was the meaning of grace.

She asked me what it meant to me……..

I asked her what it meant to her……….

Grace has been my word for many years and it is time to define it…….

I try to live each day with grace by my side. 

It is a way of life , especially when I am not feeling particularly full of grace……

I do wear Amazing GRACE by Philosophy, so the fresh smell does help on my not so graceful days….





 Now it is YOUR turn…What does GRACE mean to YOU?????

Everyday when I take my daily walk/ run, I pass this fountain…….

I stop and say a wish every time……..just like a kid

but I don’t throw pennies

because I don’t think the City of Daly City would appreciate it.







Yesterday on my way home from my walk/run, I saw a spoon on the path…

NOT just ANY spoon..

it was a PINK Baskin Robbins spoon…..

BUT even better it was Ryan’s spoon

Nic & Ryan walked to BR the other day and Ryan told me on the way home he lost his spoon 

Luckily, his mother collects Baskin Robbins pink spoons, so he was fine with it….

he knew there was one at home

I saw his spoon and SMILED..

THAT kid is FULL of grace!!!!