When I  discovered the wonderful world of blogs, I was in awe of the writing of one blogger who touched my heart to the core.

Her blog is called Joy’s Hope and in her original posts, she details the loss of her stillborn daughter Joy.

Each entry had me in tears, each word touched my heart in many, many  ways……as a nurse, as a mother…….

Joy’s Hope is still one of my bookmarked blogs because she brings JOY to my life!!!

The author’s name is Julie and she is my go to girl when I need something FUN!!!

Julie is funny, real and like an old friend.

This week Julie and her followers are being invited to be part of the HAPPY DAY project.

How about some background?

Julie from Joy’s Hope was inspired by this post and with her friend Jeannett  knew they  wanted to do something meaningful leading up to the holiday season.

I am IN are YOU???

First read the post and see if you are not inspired……….brought tears to your eyes inspired!!  (click on the post please)

I shared the 38 acts of kindness with the boys and even THEY were inspired!!!!

Here is a list of what is in store:

Read more: http://www.joyshope.com/#ixzz1cnjLOHmC

Go check her blog out and let’s get BUSY Monday!!!!!