I had the opportunity this week to attend a SELF CARE meeting to debrief on some recent tragedies in the PICU.

We had 3 deaths in one week , so there was much sadness among the staff.

One of the 3 deaths was one of my favorite patients.

If you follow my blog, you will remember the story of the 20-year-old I had the rare opportunity to sit and talk with for 2 hours while a bed in the PICU was being made for him.

The post was called Sometimes the things we can’t CHANGE, end up CHANGING US!!



When he passed, I was filled with memories of our times together. They made my heart smile. We had a strong bond.

The debriefing focused on SELF care and it was something I VERY MUCH needed.

Whether it be taking time to sit and breathe deeply, buying a bouquet of roses just because…it is IMPORTANT to take CARE of YOURSELF!!!

Carol Shields






















For some people, self-care is a plate of DOUBLE HAPPINESS from their favorite Chinese restaurant………..

Nic hard at SELF care!!!!

For some NIGHT shift nurses, it is an emesis basin (yes, we do fancy) filled with favorite treats to make it 12 hours…….

It is IMPORTANT to IDENTIFY for YOURself what works for YOU………

One of my FAVORITE spots!!!

I wish you a GREAT DAY filled with much LOVE…….SELF LOVE to be exact….