It was LOVE at first sight..

She was the cat of the day……the $29.95 special.

She captured my heart.

 I was out with my Mom window shopping and we fell in love with a CAT wearing a tuxedo.

She was the most perfectly marked tuxedo cat ever.

What we saw in the window was the gift that would keep on giving.

She was named by Andrew who was 2 at the time after a Richard Scarry character in a book…

Since she was a girl cat, he chose Miss Honey, the bear teacher of the other characters.


I called her the “Prettiest Kitty in Daly City”

She made herself right at home as 2 more boys came into her life.

One of my favorite memories is when the boys would set up their hot wheel tracks and she would sit at one end

and after watching the cars go around and around….


catch one with her paw to stop it.


There would always be a loud MOM “Miss Honey is on the racetrack again” cry………

HOW could YOU be MAD at THAT face????

She was part of our family……..a MOST important part.

She loved to sit under the lamp as I read at night.

She was the “LIFE of the PARTY”

It was her spot……..don’t bother her.

I was always surprised she never burned her head as she stuck it so close to the lightbulb.

Silly girl……..

She had Andrew wrapped around her PAW from day one………..

When he came in the room, cat treats were served …… questions asked.

Before a big test, he would make a point to spoil her with treats and ask her for


She gave it to him EVERY time as he ALWAYS did well!!

She was the perfect lap cat, chest cat, leg cat whatever body part cat she needed to be ON at the moment.

This year at 17 years old, she was slowing down.

She would sit in the hall and cry out like she was lost.

We would say “Here we are Miss Honey” and her mini Alzheimer moment was over.

She also couldn’t make the jump up to my sleigh bed, so I got a staircase just her size to help her out.

She passed this last Monday and took 5 VERY sad hearts with her.

We have spent the week celebrating the life of the BEST FRIEND a family of 5 could ask for……….

This is not meant to be a sad post BUT rather a

LOVE letter to my 17 year furry companion who will be forever in my heart and daily life.

THANK YOU Miss Honey for being the girl I never had and for sharing with me and the boys the greatest unselfish love we have EVER KNOWN!!!

Your time with us will ALWAYS be a MOST treasured memory.

THANK YOU for all the JOY U brought to our lives………….