The ones we love make up the bits of our heart and make our days brighter.

Thank YOU Lisa Leonard!!!! (bits of my heart bracelet)

THIS was my choice for a Mother’s Day Gift this year.

I hold my 3 boys very close to my heart and NOW I can wear them on my arm at ALL times.


Another thing close to my HEART are roses and lately I have been obsessed with taking pictures of them..….






TODAY we cleaned out Drew’s dorm as he has moved home for 10 days BEFORE starting his summer job.

The dorm looked like Animal House and the ONLY thing that kept me from turning Drew in for a girl first child

were the roses OUTSIDE his VERY messy kitchen window…

I put some on the table, in the front room hoping maybe the inspector would see the beauty beyond the mess 🙂





















I also want to send APPRECIATION to ALL my fellow nurses during this NURSES WEEK!!!!!